Venture to the end of the road and discover Casa Malca
A home for thinkers and dreamers who believe in the liberating powers of creativity and self discovery

Unveil the mysterious powers of nature as celebrated centuries ago by the Mayans. Let your mind expand while time slows down

Enjoy the bountiful and fresh ingredients of the Yucatan peninsula, selected to create a fusion of contemporary cuisine celebrating the art of food

Casa Malca is far more than just getting away from it all.
It is about reconnecting with your senses

Immerse into a world of art while being pampered by our dedicated staff as you enjoy the glorious Sun, bathing in beautiful crystal clear waters & walking on amazing white sand beaches. Relax on our roof top deck where you can enjoy a sunset like no where else in Tulum and later in the night give into the star filled sky.

Casa Malca has been our proprietor’s personal property. He has meticulously restored it and passionately curated it’s phenomenal works of contemporary art from his personal collection.

The property has now been carefully expanded with utmost care to maintain it’s truly magical feeling and offers spectacular grounds and accommodations. Your experience at Casa Malca will be unlike any other.

No matter what your travel style is, eco-friendly and art inspired Casa Malca will prove to be a rare combination of unmatched luxury and ultimate privacy in an intimate seaside setting. It provides perfect & private accommodation for individuals, couples & families.

At once vibrant and tranquil, discover one of the world’s most intriguing coastal cities

Perched on the furthest corner of the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, Tulum is known for its vibrant blue waters, spectacular coastline, balmy breezes and bright sun– making this destination one of the most picturesque places in the world.

From The Coba Temple that grazes the clouds, to the depths of the cenotes –natural limestone underwater passages- Tulum offers endless mysteries to be uncovered.

Part of the Sian Ka’ans reserve, in ancient Mayan “Birth of the Sky”

Since the early centuries, Tulum was a bustling port city known for an unparalleled energetic pull that the Mayans honored with Temples that still tower above the majestic cliffs contrasting over the endless white sand beaches. Since then, generations of spiritual curious seekers have magically made their way seeking and finding an opportunity to unwind, tune in, and treat themselves. This will be what you’ve been looking for.

  • Swim and sun on white sand beaches
  • Climb the Coba temple and take in the view of the rainforest
  • Scuba or snorkel in a natural limestone cenote
  • Explore the deep jungles of the reserve in an ATV tour
  • Take an ocean boat ride, including views of the ancient walled city
  • Enjoy world-class spa treatments and restaurants
  • Shop handmade goods by local artisans
  • Kite surfing
  • Fishing activities
  • Visit our exotic and rustic beach bars


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